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Syed faiz ahmed
He likes to use group Exercises,Colorful power point slides and even videos where possible to demonstrate his learning points.A friendly and witty teacher you can find in town.He is comitted towards his studends progress and aims at building an intractive learning sessions with the help of meaningful conversations awillingness to embrace different point of views,faiz has that magicto build rapport with everyone of us.
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Mr Mohammed
Learning is a never ending process and learning from a mentor who can efficiently teach how to overcome obstacles and to ace every task can be your cheat code to early success. With a perfect score of 90/90 in PTE, with more than 2 years of experience & with hundreds of successful students, Mr. Mohammed not only walks in his student's shoe to understand them better but also goes extra miles to help in every little way possible. Under his mentorship, your success is inevitable!
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Mr. Haseeb
Mr. Haseeb is an adept communicator and has the gift of gab. He is proactive, approachable and is known for his out of the box approach. He connects really well with his students and is an excellent trouble shooter. Having experience of working in eminent corporate, he is definitely the guy you could learn a lot from